What’s Yoga Born All About?

Our organization is dedicated to creating an awakened, compassionate, and connected world, and all offerings are designed to help people realize their full potential as they learn to apply the lessons of yoga on and off the mat.

For its first 3 years, Yoga Born was mostly offering personalized programs in homes, classes, and workshops in a variety of yoga studios. Yoga Born Studios LLC established in 2011 and opened a facility in South Windsor, Connecticut. Restructuring itself as a mind-body positive self-care center, Yoga Born broadened its program offerings and transformed into the organization it is today.

While its program curriculum continues to broaden, Yoga Born remains dedicated to the rigorous inquiry into the core values that have always been at the heart of its mission: Align. Engage. Practice. These values have become deeply woven in the Yoga Born culture and are shared by our faculty, presenters, and guests.

Yoga Born is a positive leader in mind-body health and is an organization that continues to grow and evolve. We invite you to explore everything Yoga Born has to offer, visit often, join us online, and find ways to live inspired with awareness and compassion. Let’s continue to support each other to feel empowered through the transformative wisdom and practice of yoga.


Welcome to Yoga Born!

“Now is the best time for you to love the body you were born with. At the foundation of this family run business is our desire to be healthy and happy! 

If you are looking to get started in Yoga, try our New Student Offer 30 days, check out our class schedule or request an Intro to Personal Sessions.  With help develop a new sence of living as you find comfort and ease in slowing down. Available at Yoga Born is for you Reiki, Stellar Therapeutic Massage, Gong sessions and Personal Therapeutic Yoga Sessions and On-Going Yoga Classes.

In any session you attend stress will melt away. We will help you live more fully and be happy.  We meet you where you are and encourage you to be the best you can.

Our heart overflows with gratitude to connect within a positive non-competitive community on the path towards personal alignment. Our hope is for you to visit often, feel supported to live a lifestyle that is fun and full of love.

Can you image feeling calm during the stressful moments of  life, finding peace in the quiet of your own company and a life full of  hope? Side by side we practice conditioning the body and mind to work together.

Welcome to Yoga Born.”

Dawn Greenfield & Robert Nolan (daughter Veronica)
Yoga Born Studios LLC


Yoga Born Mission


Now is the time to love the body you were born with!

We teach you to align, engage and practice yoga to be the best you can be.

Our approach is appealing to those that want personal growth, to feel strong, flexibility, balanced and happier within the Yoga Born non-competitive environment.

Each session is designed with you in mind to boost your confidence and help you feel empowered and inspired from within.

Every visit proves to be effective in allowing your inherent well-being to surface adding great value to life.

Together we practice uplifting ourselves into a place of acceptance. Now is the best time to love the body you were born with.


Why the name Yoga Born?

Dawn discussed with daughter Veronica Greenfield, “What should the business be called?” Veronica stated, “Mom you say every body is born to move and do yoga, why not Yoga Born?”

July 2007 Dawn Greenfield was doing business as Yoga Born in homes.

August 2011 Yoga Born Studios LLC was established.

October 2011 Yoga Born opened the doors to the public in South Windsor, CT.


What does the Yoga Born logo mean?

Growth. Community. Connection. Life cycles. Focus. Movement. Support. Dawn Greenfield loves the earth and the sky, the colors of blue and green where a natural choice. Every spring while walking in the local woods Dawn will marvel at the organic growth of ferns. They are slow to come out of the earth, they huddle together, protected from the elements every stage. One can see the potential of each fern to open up as they are surrounded by others that have emerged in their full glory. Reaching for the sky they stand together until they can no longer stand to stay small and protected they open up into the wide open sky and dance in the wind. The open ferns offer support for the others on their journey to opening. On our evolving journey at Yoga Born we come together with like-minded people and friends we haven’t met yet. We all want to feel better to live, love and grow, none of us are alone on this journey. Representing the cycle of individuality within community feeling safe, encouraged and strengthened from within to let go of limiting beliefs to know ourselves fully.

Yoga Born ~ Therapeutic Focus

Dawn Greenfield was aggressive with fitness until she sustained injuries that created chronic pain in her body. Dawn was introduced to Therapeutic Yoga in 2008. Dawn found relief from a therapeutic yoga practice. She began healing and progressed successfully. Focusing her daily practice, studies and eventually all her teaching on therapeutic yoga she maintains living  pain-free. In July 2011 Dawn who had been working full time managing a yoga studio for six years had an ‘aha moment’ and contacted her finance’  Rob Nolan immediately. “We’re going to open a yoga studio. I need to do what I’m meant to do – teach Therapeutic Yoga!”  A Therapeutic Yoga practice focusing you on tuning in from the inside out, learning to align your body-mind-spirit and what is possible! In Yoga Born the therapeutic yoga  focus purposely sets aside modern distractions of heat to trendy music, traditional components to ensure accessibility to new students.  The practice space is never heated. Taught in a calming room with detailed instruction, occasional demonstrations, teachers are watchful to see students for effectiveness and safety. Each class is a stand alone. Students will not be learning by rote, “x” number of poses in “x” number of weeks. The focus and content of each class is determined by what the student’s collectively bring to them each week. Our focus is always non-competitive and on movement that is injury-free as one’s undivided attention is focused on themselves.The culture of the studio is one that is uncommon to the area, staff and students introduce themselves to welcome new-comers, provide tours of the facility and answer questions. We look forward to your visit!

Scratching the surface on Dawn Greenfield

An Entrepreneur, Founder of Yoga Born Studios, Certified Therapeutic Yoga Teacher, Speaker & a single mother my whole adult life. Began practicing yoga in early 2000 with a yoga practice that evolves to maintain body, mind and spirit.  She became stronger from the inside to begin to work on a positive self focus, Dawn wanted to support and love herself that endured an early life of varied abuses and neglect. Dawn reports yoga has her transformed  life. Using the tools of yoga regularly gave her strength to move from fear and anger to being a survivor to her most authentic self. Each day as a yoga student she becomes more aware continue on with my healing on multiple levels and inspiring others to do the same…we’re never done.

I use yoga to heal and grow. I began as a young girl who was a victim to a young woman who was a survivor to a peaceful woman warrior and now lives my life positively to the fullest.

If you are in my presence you’re sure to feel the flow of enthusiasm that I feel for life. I often use stories, poetry and meaningful messages within my teaching skills and talents in playful and deeply experiential ways in all the programs I lead.

I am the proud mother of an amazing daughter who is a constant reminder to breathe and have fun. In our home we celebrate family, friends and freedom to be happy. Together we proudly foster a vibrant community that is LGBT – friendly, supporting handi-capable friends and offer accessibility to ensure the full integration of individuals with all level of mileage on their bodies.

Beyond the yoga mat I love the outdoors, cooking, gardening, napping, laughing, receiving massage, cycling, taking hot baths, dancing, birding, painting, listening to live music, laughing, photography and travel.

“Building relationships from a foundation of integrity and trust means everything for joyful moments in all arenas of life. . . Life is supposed to be fun!”

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