A Measurement Worth Knowing

How does your health measure? 

Does your body move with ease?
Do you have the energy you want?
Are you sleeping well at night?

Your answers to these questions are a better gauge on health than numbers on a scale.
Attend 2 Yoga Classes a week.

Every class you train your body to move in a positive direction!
New? We have Easy-Going Classes for you. Have experience? We have Moderate to the Most Challenging for you! LOOK AT SCHEDULE 

I know you’ve heard it = A body in rest stays in rest while a body in motion will stay in motion. Now is your chance at Yoga Born:

Move it or loose it friend! I know personally how my body has responded to working constantly, helping everyone before myself and not being on my own radar. Now with 20 pounds added to my petite frame I’m determined to feel better. I schedule time to move my body for the joy it will feel during and after. My energy has been increasing. I want my body to support the life I want for a many more years. I’m a work in progress, just like you. I know all about being busy, my to-do list beckons around the clock! Now is my time, your time, now is all we have ~ what will you do next? I look forward to seeing you on your yoga mat!

Peace, Dawn Greenfield

Yoga Born Founder 

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