help back pain with yoga

The gift of health is forever at Yoga Born. The Founder and Certified
Therapeutic Yoga Teacher, Dawn Greenfield is teaching yoga 4 your back that will
help you with back pain. Whether back pain is temporary or chronic you can find
the simplest tasks become difficult. This class is dedicated to creating
stability and stretch to improve and maintain mobility for a long happy life.
You do not need to have experience in yoga to enjoy the on-going benefits this
class offers.


Greenfield is in the public a lot as a Yoga Born Educator and reports “I
have met many people in the community that are living with back pain and have to
avoid doing activities they used to enjoy. The frustration of having one’s life
interrupted in this way causes many people to seek medical help that can be
expensive, invasive, addicting and incompletely alleviates the pain. Yoga Born
strive to offer high quality yoga services that are affordable, non-invasive and
a healthy alternative for treating back pain.”
Men and women are finding that yoga helps back pain. A combination of
different yoga poses builds strength, supports alignment of the spine, and
releases muscle tension, allowing the body to heal. Yoga is effective in
treating back pain because it is gentle and can be personalized to meet your
physical needs. It is not competitive: The goal is not to be more flexible than
anyone else. After practicing yoga, you will feel relaxed and at peace.
Continuing a yoga practice has can reduce or even eliminate back pain over time,
as it increases flexibility and strengthens the back.This class has  offered relief and hope to those with scoliosis, recovered back surgery and
suffer from chronic back pain. yoga 4 your back is on-going Thursdays at
4:30pm-5:45pm until January 17, 2013.

You may decide to schedule a 30 Minute  Personalized One-on-One Session to guarantee yoga 4 your back is right for you.
Yoga Born is in the corner of the Town Center Plaza at 1735 Ellington Rd, South  Windsor. Visit to
learn more or call Dawn (860) 432-5678 with Questions.


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