Recipe of the week

A recipe includes specific ingredients that can make or break a dish. Imagine you are the head chef and your Recipe of the week is LIVING FULLY. What ingredients do you need to make this dish the most fabulous you could dream of?

It is very important that you handle the prep work for the optimal conditions of your “container” a.k.a. your magnificent body. Taking care from the inside out…Eat joyfully and mind fully for your body’s level of physical activity, drink plenty of water and many nights of solid sleep.

With your body receiving the necessary’s NOW what is it that you truly want to be doing in your day? This is key to making every aspect of your life satisfying and authentic. How do you want to feel? What can you do to bring yourself closer to that feeling? Ask yourself these questions and see what your desires are that will allow for you to expand with love to be LIVING FULLY and I suggest you ask a few times.

I was feeling a bit off-balance and I decided I had to whip this recipe up ASAP. My focus started with Sunday evening giving myself an earlier bed time and resting a full 8 hours. Monday I made sure to get outdoors and move my body with a brief run then some gentle yoga including breathing comfortably and deeply. Tuesday I sat with a friend and shared the stories of our lives. Feeling the safety and support to let tears roll and feel the joy of laughter from deep inside. Wednesday reading a chapter in a book I’ve just ordered from Amazon : The Leader Who Had No Title: A Modern Fable on Real Success in Business and in Life (it is really great, I’ll speak more about it on Facebook in the next couple days)….check this out…

Thursday I will sit in my art space to work some more on my vision board (I’ll share a picture when it’s done) and I’ll enjoy eating dinner with my family. Friday night I look forward to studying with my dear friend and amazing yoga teacher Amy Reed at Yoga-Sanctuary.

The point I want to stress this week is : make any amount of time in your day for YOU to be present to LIVING FULLY. Offer yourself whatever it is that will bring you real joy. You can and will make this a reality and help LIVING FULLY spread to everyone you meet! Pay it forward friends and the whole world becomes a happier place.

Go for it and let me know how fabulous you are feeling while choosing to make this the most successful day and tomorrow and the day after.


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