Yoga for body & mind

mind body connectYoga Born is know best for teaching alignment yoga that can be practiced easily to give you more balance in your whole life!

Debbie started attending Yoga Born classes almost one year ago and has found it to be the best workout for her body and mind ever.

learn to do yoga for body and mindAll the teachers skillfully address your needs, where else do you get that? All classes are customized for the participants needs. For some Yoga Born classes are their workout for others they are an enhancement to other activities.


Yoga Born classes are… 

  • not hot
  • not fast
  • not pre-packaged
  • different each time you visit
  • address your current needs/interests
  • free of competitiveness/judgement

While making the yoga practice challenging enough to feel great but safe enough to keep coming back.

ct-small_outlined_orangeIf you are noticing you need some help with motivation to move, balance in your body/mind, want to improve strength & flexibility contact Yoga Born to schedule a personal session or attend a class.

Yoga Born is for you. Especially if you’re inflexible or reluctant. You will meet others just like you in this positive community.

Visit often for results beyond your expectations!

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