Learn Step-By-Step

therapeutic yoga, strength & structure, relieve pain, learn how to do yoga in south windsorWe are open every day.

This offers you opportunities to deal with everyday stress and hassles. We have a particularly skillful class that can benefit you!

After a month of attending Beginners Yoga Classes and Mixed Levels you will feel confident to participate in Strength & Structure.

This is were Rob Nolan shines and you will feel stronger with in your unique structure. Rob has practiced, trained and loves to teach Therapeutic Yoga. He is passionate about teaching Strength & Structure Mondays and Thursdays 4:45-5:45pm. Step-by-step in this challenging class you will learn how to practice yoga to meet your unique needs and relieve stress. Rob addresses your “aches of the day” in a way that benefits everyone in class!

 See you on the yoga mat


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