Massage therapist

Tamera 04.2019Meet Tamera!

She is devoted to improving the quality of life

I have a 30 year background of working in the medical/dental health profession.

I graduated from CCMT of Newington in 2016, specializing in swedish massage and deep tissue. I have since expanded my studies with Reiki training, Rejuvenating Facial Touch, Integrating
Reflexology, Application of Essential Oils and Assessment of Lumbar Spine.

I am committed to delivering a high quality of care and service to all of my clients. I have found through my own personal experience that massage is an amazing self care modality and a key compliment in treatment to restore our mind and body from daily stress, illness, and injury.

I am very passionate about contributing to the improvement of each person’s quality of life. I am a nurturing massage therapist, listening to your needs and providing you with ultimate respect and
professionalism at all times.


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