Activate Healing Power

Meet Andrea Frasier Reiki Master.

“I work with people to support their own natural healing process. Through high-quality and personalized Reiki, Chakra balancing, Crystal Fusion, and Angelic healing, I can assist you in releasing disease-causing energy blocks allowing your body to connect to its own ability to heal. Along the way, you feel more clear and connected on all levels. Whether you are interested in improving your health, your thinking or how you feel (which are all connected), I can support you in that process. Say YES to the joy and vitality that is ready to reveal itself in your life!”


Some of the areas that I can help you in improving:


*depression    *dis-ease     *stress    *pain

*emotional issues  *low self esteem

*chronic illness   *fibromyalgia & chronic fatigue

*thoughts & feelings that hold you back


Reiki Certification

Level I Sat Apr 11

Levell II Sun Apr 12




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