Introduction to Crystal Healing

Introduction to Crystal Healing with Andrea Frasier

Sat Mar 14 11:30-1:30pm Workshop Sign Up*

This workshop provides the foundation for understanding and accessing the energies of various crystals. This is a beginner’s guide to working with, understanding and healing with crystals. In this specific, easy-to-understand class you will learn the basics of working with crystals and learn how to cleanse and balance each of your chakras.

Crystals can help people to achieve fertility, positive outlook, vital energy and countless other desires. They have assisted in career changes, and enhance the healing of various ailments, simply because crystals magnify energy.

Understanding how to work with crystals enables any individual to speed their personal growth and evolution, as well as deepen their intuition. Crystals can empower you to be self-reliant in your own healing process and well-being.

In this crystal healing workshop you will:
• Learn how to utilize, heal and generally benefit from crystal energy
• Learn how to safely cleanse and care for your crystals
• Experience a guided meditation with the crystals to cleanse and balance each of your chakras
• Receive a detailed Chakra definition chart
• Learn about the functions of each Chakra
• Release obstacles and old patterns to manifest a self-actualized reality!

* Includes a set of 7 Healing Crystals (one for each Chakra) in a beautiful pouch!

*Workshop Sign Up by Sat Mar 7 $45 


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