New Year, New Way

New Year Revolution Workshop Review from Cari Mott, Founder of Stellar Therapeutic Massage. Last year I took this workshop and could not BELIEVE how useful it was. Every intention I set for myself during that workshop became the focus of my whole year, and at times I didn’t even realize that I was still working […]

Joint pain relief tip

#JOINT #PAIN #RELIEF #TIP Do #gentle #stretching for more #freedom of #movement. Attend classes this week to help #flexibility by “oiling” your joints,#ligaments, #muscles and #tendons, and improve muscle tone. #Focus on the joints that are bothering you most. Move s-l-o-w-l-y and don’t hold your #breath. #Ease into each #stretch until you #feel a slight […]

Yoga Postures for Detox

Thu Jul 21  7:00-8:30pm Space is limited. Sign up today! You will focus on breath and movement to flush out toxins and cleanse your body and mind. Practice a blend of active movement and restorative postures to pump the blood, increase circulation around your organs and boost your digestive system. This is a refresher for the whole […]

Thank You Veterans

Veterans take first yoga class* at no cost.  Yoga Born is passionate about making yoga accessible and sustainable.  Learning yoga has been a game changer for many veterans. Proven benefits of yoga : improved flexibility, strength, posture, joint mobility, supple spine, increased bone mass, lower blood pressure.  Rewards of attending regularly are increased health, wellness and sense […]