TALK: Is That Your Intuition Talking?

TALK FROM THE ALLIANCE FOR HOLISTIC LIVING WORKSHOP 2017 SERIES The Alliance for Holistic Living; Mission: To promote holistic living in our communities through collaborative ventures with integrity and respect for all creation. ​al·li·ance: a close association formed to advance common interests or causes ​ho·lis·tic: emphasizing the importance of the whole and the interdependence of its parts liv·ing:  a […]

Line Dance Your Way Into Wellness

Thursday, July 20, 2017        LINE DANCE YOUR WAY INTO WELLNESS Experience and learn how Line Dancing is a great way to heal your body and mind. It releases endorphins which affect emotions and can also reduce the sensation of pain in the body. Lose yourself in the music and movement while getting exercise and […]

Yoga Postures for Detox

Thu Jul 21  7:00-8:30pm Space is limited. Sign up today! You will focus on breath and movement to flush out toxins and cleanse your body and mind. Practice a blend of active movement and restorative postures to pump the blood, increase circulation around your organs and boost your digestive system. This is a refresher for the whole […]

Using Hypnosis

The Alliance for Holistic Living was created by a group of practitioners and individuals who share common goals and ideals about living a holistic life. It is our desire to build community through service and education. We have personal visions and dreams for our group and of what we would like to see evolve. Our […]

Intro to Therapeutic Yoga

WFSB 3 Connecticut Intro to Therapeutic Yoga Class Thu May 15 7:00-830pm & Thu May 22 6:00-7:15pm Sign up FREE Please bring food pantry donations Sign up a must to limit class size to ensure attention to students Sponsored by the Alliance For Holistic Living Dawn Greenfield, RYT healed herself with Therapeutic Yoga. Now she works […]