Help for Your Fatigued Adrenals

Many of us are suffering with Fatigued Adrenals without any idea what to do about it. The stress of everyday life comes and goes however is held in the body. If you are constantly busy and living off coffee, with stress unaddressed you maybe suffering from Fatigued Adrenals. The Adrenal Glands sit on top of […]

Still Motivated?

When I formally began my Yoga practice I had no idea where it would lead me. I have to be fully transparent here with a little back story that very few know about me. I lived within families that where very judgmental and critical. I grew up feeling as though I was a burden and […]

More yoga and less bullying

Throughout life I’ve crossed paths with bullies of all shapes, sizes, ages and walks of life. As a young girl on the school bus I would stand up for the any individual being treated abusively. It just never felt right to me to sit still while my ‘neighbor’ was being mistreated. Perhaps because I grew […]

Ready for a pleasurable priority?

The next time you pause to meditate or maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed let your attention turn to your breath. Yup, here I go again with the focus on your breath. If we make it a priority to slow down our bodies, then work on quieting the mind the most amazing things can present themselves…creativity unleashed, […]

When you work…

When working hard on anything you’re working hard but is it fruitful and fun? Stepping onto your yoga mat is the perfect time to acknowledge your personal work ethic for you. If you’re trying to hard to make a pose perfect ask yourself … Am I loving myself? Am I open to grace? Am I […]