Yoga for Special Needs….this is really good

WRITTEN BY : DAWN GREENFIELD I love to teach yoga to everyone , my vision is ever expanding and always inclusive of any level of physical ability, all ages and stages. A regular yoga practice can maintain the connection to the inherent happiness, wealth and health within each person I meet. Yoga Born began as […]

Welcome to Yoga…

GUEST BLOG BY : Sharon Shanti Danio Sharon is an awesome yoga teacher and guide to the students that attend her classes and programs. Sharon is an inspiration to many as she lives her life authentically respecting herself and sharing yoga with the Yoga Born Studios spectacular yoga students. We are honored to have such […]

7 Reasons To Get Acquainted with YOGA

I’ve been visiting more homes delivering my One of A Kind Yoga System. This System offers my clients an easy to follow step by step yoga practice to target their specific needs. Practicing yoga creates space in our lives where the benefits begin to outshine individual goals! I’ve been teaching yoga to Children on the […]

composed while composing my story : PART 2

I have practiced countless hours of yoga loving the control of my body and breath and occasionally even my mind. In a state this is uncomfortably comfortable My most resent recognition through reflection of the stories of yoga and knowing my own habits…The path of Yoga isn’t a practice to only physically control our bodies. […]

composed while composing my story : PART 1

After many years of practicing yoga I take delight in my most resent recognition…Yoga practice isn’t only for physically controlling our bodies it’s about preparing and working towards breakthroughs of our own powerful hearts wisdom. A practice that enables us to experience life in during fear filled moments. OLD STORY: In the oral tradition of […]