More yoga and less bullying

Throughout life I’ve crossed paths with bullies of all shapes, sizes, ages and walks of life. As a young girl on the school bus I would stand up for the any individual being treated abusively. It just never felt right to me to sit still while my ‘neighbor’ was being mistreated. Perhaps because I grew […]

Positive community

Do you hear folks around you ranting about the latest personal injustice? They always have something that is going wrong in their life and they are leaving you feeling slimed by their negativity? Would you like to stay your own course and feel stronger to not get pulled in? We are open each day to […]

Ready for a pleasurable priority?

The next time you pause to meditate or maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed let your attention turn to your breath. Yup, here I go again with the focus on your breath. If we make it a priority to slow down our bodies, then work on quieting the mind the most amazing things can present themselves…creativity unleashed, […]

composed while composing my story : PART 2

I have practiced countless hours of yoga loving the control of my body and breath and occasionally even my mind. In a state this is uncomfortably comfortable My most resent recognition through reflection of the stories of yoga and knowing my own habits…The path of Yoga isn’t a practice to only physically control our bodies. […]

Self Activism

“Take rest: a field that has rested gives a bountiful crop.” ~ Ovid As it gets darker earlier in New England we have a heightened awareness that it’s a natural time for reflection. We’ve been working so hard all year and we recognize a pause will maintain our health and vitality. In our family we […]