Hey sugar don’t be blu (part 1)

Guest Blog by : Maria B. Mayer – Health Coach Have you ever tried to change your diet away from the Standard American Diet? Have you ever looked around and seen people eating highly processed foods with a high levels of fat, sugar and sodium and decided this is not the fuel my body really […]

Yoga for Special Needs….this is really good

WRITTEN BY : DAWN GREENFIELD I love to teach yoga to everyone , my vision is ever expanding and always inclusive of any level of physical ability, all ages and stages. A regular yoga practice can maintain the connection to the inherent happiness, wealth and health within each person I meet. Yoga Born began as […]

This yogaborn studio is for YOU!

Dear Friends, We have been working around the clock at the Yoga Born Studios HeadQuarters to create an amazing space where everyone is invited to get comfy and learn a thing or two about yoga…and then FEEL the yoga after glow! We are looking for folks that have NEVER tried yoga, friends if you’re NOT […]