growing, learning, dreaming and doing

Since stepping on the path of yoga my life has changed dramatically in all positive ways. I stepped into a yoga class as gym rat, body obsessed, emotionally shut down, social skills lacking and limited belief in myself. I had been working out religiously for about 10 years and had hit a plateau not to […]

refuge was divine…in time

I was side swiped last week. Not in a physical manner as you might imagine. I was baited into a conversation by someone I believed was a friend. Without any warning of the accusations that would be dumped on me I felt very threatened and unsafe. Customarily I would have become physically numb, emotionally overwhelmed […]

4 STEPS to feel and be real

When you can love your memories of the past, your experience of the present, and your hopes for the future, you remove all impedance to possibility. ~Mindy Audlin I began yoga because I was physically bored with my gym routines. I started yoga a very strong and flexible person looking for a new challenge and […]