Open House : Well-being

Open House Saturday September 19 10:30-2:00pm Yoga Born is passionate about making yoga accessible and sustainable. No yoga experience? Great! You’ll fit right in. Our Team is made up of hardworking people who have lived in anguish and discovered ways to live in serenity. We look forward to meeting you! SAVE YOUR SPACE NOW Beginners […]

National Yoga Month Being Celebrated in South Windsor

Sample Yoga Born Studios Offerings September is National Yoga Month. Have you been curious about trying yoga? Not sure where to go? Yoga Born is where you can fit in. Since 2007, Yoga Born has been offering Therapeutic Yoga making yoga accessible and applicable to relieving with chronic back pain, restless leg syndrome, arthritis, spinal stenosis, […]

Open House Free Services & Prizes!

Open  House       Free Yoga Classes Sat Jun 20 Yoga Born has a specific focus to help hard working people with step-by-step instruction to keep movement in your body and relaxation in your mind. No Experience? Great. You’ll fit right in! Open House Flier Space will be limited so reserve your spot. Sign up online/call. Arrive 10-15 minutes […]