Spinning into creation

The mind is spinning and it won’t stop? Or your mind is fixated on something you wish it would get off of? Give yourself 5-15 minutes. Sit, lay, soak in the bath, relax….time to stop the spinning mind that does what ever it wants. Become still and comfortable as you breathe deeply and completely. Begin […]

Hey sugar don’t be blu (part 1)

Guest Blog by : Maria B. Mayer – Health Coach Have you ever tried to change your diet away from the Standard American Diet? Have you ever looked around and seen people eating highly processed foods with a high levels of fat, sugar and sodium and decided this is not the fuel my body really […]

Welcome to Yoga…

GUEST BLOG BY : Sharon Shanti Danio Sharon is an awesome yoga teacher and guide to the students that attend her classes and programs. Sharon is an inspiration to many as she lives her life authentically respecting herself and sharing yoga with the Yoga Born Studios spectacular yoga students. We are honored to have such […]

growing, learning, dreaming and doing

Since stepping on the path of yoga my life has changed dramatically in all positive ways. I stepped into a yoga class as gym rat, body obsessed, emotionally shut down, social skills lacking and limited belief in myself. I had been working out religiously for about 10 years and had hit a plateau not to […]

Protected: Wishing you a very balanced NEW YEAR

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