Why is Practicing Yoga Good?

Do you feel overwhelmed / mentally scattered and find yourself forgetting things? Do you pressure yourself to make things perfect? Do you start your day caring for others needs & end the day feeling exhausted & empty?   If you answered YES to one of these questions and felt emotionally moved….please take a deep breath. […]

growing, learning, dreaming and doing

Since stepping on the path of yoga my life has changed dramatically in all positive ways. I stepped into a yoga class as gym rat, body obsessed, emotionally shut down, social skills lacking and limited belief in myself. I had been working out religiously for about 10 years and had hit a plateau not to […]

Heart to Heart

In 2004 I was working in an office as the assistant for the Lobbyist for Independent Insurance Agents of CT. It was great pay, outstanding benefits, steady hours, and low stress however I was not feeling ‘rewarded in my heart’ by this work. I started having conversations with friends stating, “In my heart I want […]

Meet Alphalign

I began 2010 with a theme for “Healing from the inside out,no matter the cost“. Reflecting on this theme I feel that I was very successful with great thanks to those that assisted me throughout the year. Pain is temporary. Quitting lasts forever. ~Lance Armstrong Today I’d like you all to meet my friend and […]

want vs need…which to feed?

I start my morning practice getting comfortable in a seated position, lifting the front and back body equally and softening with every breath. I focus on each part making up the whole. Hands at my heart in prayer (anjali mudra) I bow to my brilliant heart (a thought that would have NEVER entered my mind […]