Intro to Yoga Props. Monthly Workshop

Think you can’t do yoga? Yes you can at Yoga Born! We have experienced and heard of all forms of programs intended to help and then create more troubles. Come visit us! We truly understand the desire to feel better and we offer services that is unparalleled. Intro to Yoga Props. Are you new to working with […]

He hates to exercise but…

He hates to exercise but … is experiencing a higher quality of life this is the first time ever a client is so passionate about his progress and success he asked Yoga Born to give a testimonial about aging and an improved quality of life…who could ask for more? Do you find yourself […]

Summertime Yoga

Become apart of the Yoga Community for the summer and enjoy unlimited classes. Class Schedule now through August for this one time only special price. Sign up by July 1st for this special offer, and begin attending classes right away, any class, anytime.  $100 per month, will run through August.  Even if you have summer vacation planned, this […]