Welcome to Yoga…

GUEST BLOG BY : Sharon Shanti Danio Sharon is an awesome yoga teacher and guide to the students that attend her classes and programs. Sharon is an inspiration to many as she lives her life authentically respecting herself and sharing yoga with the Yoga Born Studios spectacular yoga students. We are honored to have such […]

Did I spot YOU doing yoga?

Our check list pre-storm: batteries, flashlights/headlamps, candles, matches, batteries, ice, extra propane, water….While waiting in line for essentials before and after Hurricane Irene I have a heightened sense of an underlying calm in a time that could potentially be full of panic. Before Hurricane Irene arrived we were humbled by the fact that no matter […]

refuge was divine…in time

I was side swiped last week. Not in a physical manner as you might imagine. I was baited into a conversation by someone I believed was a friend. Without any warning of the accusations that would be dumped on me I felt very threatened and unsafe. Customarily I would have become physically numb, emotionally overwhelmed […]