Did I spot YOU doing yoga?

Our check list pre-storm: batteries, flashlights/headlamps, candles, matches, batteries, ice, extra propane, water….While waiting in line for essentials before and after Hurricane Irene I have a heightened sense of an underlying calm in a time that could potentially be full of panic. Before Hurricane Irene arrived we were humbled by the fact that no matter […]

growing, learning, dreaming and doing

Since stepping on the path of yoga my life has changed dramatically in all positive ways. I stepped into a yoga class as gym rat, body obsessed, emotionally shut down, social skills lacking and limited belief in myself. I had been working out religiously for about 10 years and had hit a plateau not to […]

refuge was divine…in time

I was side swiped last week. Not in a physical manner as you might imagine. I was baited into a conversation by someone I believed was a friend. Without any warning of the accusations that would be dumped on me I felt very threatened and unsafe. Customarily I would have become physically numb, emotionally overwhelmed […]

Do I choose to hurt or celebrate? Which would you choose?

My relationship with my mother is non-existent. She fled her role when I was in kindergarten and she has not been active in my life. As a teen I searched for her only to find out she was deep into drugs and homeless. Into my young adulthood as a single parent to a toddler I […]

working hard is just that : HARD

“My own development” “I truly respect” “My greatest accomplishment” “my daughters”