Positive Self-Care

How do you care for yourself? Maintenance is a spiritual road. The body is a dynamic vessel that holds our experience of life. Just as we take our cars in for regular maintenance we often forget that our body needs care in the same way. Self care is a practice and the tradition of Yoga […]

Gong Experience

Hooked on Sonics – My Gong Experience By Mark Coté My first exposure to live gong playing was during a yoga class at Yoga Born. There was a gong, some chimes, and a couple of crystal singing bowls. Doug, the gong guy, used his instruments to provide music for the class. I had a mixed reaction to the […]

Ready for a pleasurable priority?

The next time you pause to meditate or maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed let your attention turn to your breath. Yup, here I go again with the focus on your breath. If we make it a priority to slow down our bodies, then work on quieting the mind the most amazing things can present themselves…creativity unleashed, […]