A Measurement Worth Knowing

How does your health measure?  Does your body move with ease? Do you have the energy you want? Are you sleeping well at night? Your answers to these questions are a better gauge on health than numbers on a scale. Attend 2 Yoga Classes a week. Every class you train your body to move in a positive direction! […]

New Year plan and support

Co-Created by Dawn Greenfield and Andrea Frasier :  A perfect opportunity to jump start your New Year workshop to ‘Focus on a lifestyle you can love’ Significant, deep shifts in health involve the whole person. Cultivate personal vitality that has the potential to serve every aspect of a fulfilled life! Jump start your healthy New Year […]

Healthy at 100 ! with Therapeutic Yoga

This family business is focused on helping you feel better and better daily with Therapeutic Yoga. Each session is about you slowing down to align with yourself. We teach, guide and motivate you to find the shapes/poses/asanas that work the best for your needs today, tomorrow and beyond! We leave out the yoga jargon that […]