A Measurement Worth Knowing

How does your health measure?  Does your body move with ease? Do you have the energy you want? Are you sleeping well at night? Your answers to these questions are a better gauge on health than numbers on a scale. Attend 2 Yoga Classes a week. Every class you train your body to move in a positive direction! […]

New Year plan and support

Co-Created by Dawn Greenfield and Andrea Frasier :  A perfect opportunity to jump start your New Year workshop to ‘Focus on a lifestyle you can love’ Significant, deep shifts in health involve the whole person. Cultivate personal vitality that has the potential to serve every aspect of a fulfilled life! Jump start your healthy New Year […]

Sustainable Health

Every life experience, especially those that are challenging, is in fact an opportunity to learn and to grow and to be more than you ever imagined you could be. 67% of women suffer insomnia. You don’t have to be one of them. Getting by without enough sleep leads to more problems than weight gain — […]

Yoga for Golfers

I work a lot not just with in the studio but I take it to the street for Custom Corporate Yoga Classes and In Home Personalized Yoga Programs even to the woods at the Channel 3 Kids Camp. Many hours of driving and computer work have recently tweaked my back. I visited our family chiropractor […]

Positive community

Do you hear folks around you ranting about the latest personal injustice? They always have something that is going wrong in their life and they are leaving you feeling slimed by their negativity? Would you like to stay your own course and feel stronger to not get pulled in? We are open each day to […]