Yoga for tired feet

If your feet start to hurt, you need to take that pain and any other problems seriously. At Yoga Born we are helping many feet become healthy and happy. Foot pain relief is possible! Alignment yoga blends muscular engaging and stretching with a specific focus on breath work. The key to success and longevity is […]

Foot pain relief

In Connecticut, Spring is officially here! We are getting outdoors more. That always involves our feet. If you have feet, you can benefit from a visit to Yoga Born! Your feet support your life. Foot pain relief is possible! Your foot shape can change, and the skin on your feet may get thinner. Some changes […]

Got scoliosis? Take a stand for your spine with yoga

Yoga offers a lifetime of rewards for students especially those with scoliosis. Take a stand for your spine by strengthening your foundation. Strong legs creates a solid base from which the spine can stretch and become freer. Standing poses enable your legs, rather than your spine, to carry the weight of the body. Stand with […]