Chair Yoga

CHAIR YOGA 5 WEEKS July 8, 2017, South Windsor, CT –  Yoga Born is Yoga You Can Do – Improve posture, balance, strength & flexibility. Have people been telling you to try yoga but you can’t get down on and up from the floor? Chair Yoga 5weeks is for you. View Flier There will be a different […]

Foot pain relief

In Connecticut, Spring is officially here! We are getting outdoors more. That always involves our feet. If you have feet, you can benefit from a visit to Yoga Born! Your feet support your life. Foot pain relief is possible! Your foot shape can change, and the skin on your feet may get thinner. Some changes […]

3 options for beginners to yoga

Here are 3 options for beginners to yoga to get started in the New Year.     Option #1 One-time workshop Sat Jan 7 11am-1pm. Starting with a moderate yoga practice to align your body and mind. You’ll receive easy to follow tips to take home. $40 Sign Up By Dec 31 / $50 After  (Members $20 Sign […]

How to keep your body moving

Yoga Born has a style and approach that is great to keep your body moving and relieve stress. Listen in on this conversation to hear what may surprise you……This Yoga Born student expresses her interest in starting yoga. She has a desire to be healthy. WATCH VIDEO Many friends have told her that as you […]

Will yoga improve my flexibility?

THERE’S AN APP One of the most common questions we hear from new clients is; Will doing yoga improve my flexibility? If you are wondering this, you are not alone. Come on down to Yoga Born, you’ll fit right in! Did you find that one day you woke-up, tried to tie your shoes and now notice your body […]