Introduction to Yoga

Start slow as you learn techniques that allow you to feel more comfortable and confident. Flexibility not required. You will increase flexibility as you strengthen and revitalize your body. Perfect for students new to yoga and those wanting to reacquaint themselves with the basics. (1) Space is limited so register now in order to reserve your space. Range of […]

Studies show

Yoga is a happy place A study by the Harvard School of Medicine showed that yoga is able to modulate stress responses. It reduces the heart rate, eases respiration, and lowers your blood pressure.* Over time, practicing yoga can help your body to deal with stress more effectively. Yoga can improve your mood – and there have […]

Time to thrive!

WFSB 3 Connecticut Therapeutic Yoga helps you from the inside out. Everyone with mileage on their body finds themselves not sleeping well wake with aches and living all day with chronic pain. The good news is that the stress and pain you’ve been living can be relieved! Now is your time to do something that frees […]

Sustainable Health

Every life experience, especially those that are challenging, is in fact an opportunity to learn and to grow and to be more than you ever imagined you could be. 67% of women suffer insomnia. You don’t have to be one of them. Getting by without enough sleep leads to more problems than weight gain — […]

Yoga for Golfers

I work a lot not just with in the studio but I take it to the street for Custom Corporate Yoga Classes and In Home Personalized Yoga Programs even to the woods at the Channel 3 Kids Camp. Many hours of driving and computer work have recently tweaked my back. I visited our family chiropractor […]