Our Team is made up of hardworking people who have lived in anguish and discovered ways to live in serenity. We look forward to meeting you!

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Dawn Greenfield, Yoga Born Co-Founder & Director

Dawn has studied yoga, meditation and healing with master teachers since 2002, and has been teaching since 2005. Dawn’s teaching has constantly evolved over the past decade to reflect her ever changing creativity and passion for the practice. Known for bringing a resonant, relevant voice that speaks directly to your heart. Her accessible, grounded classes integrate the best elements of therapeutic yoga, anatomical precision and mindfulness teachings. With a knack for teaching subtle body movements in a way that everyone can understand, Dawn’s articulate, down-to-earth teaching will educate and empower you. 

Dawn has enjoyed sharing more than 1000 yoga hours with the Special Needs Community and Traumatic Brain Injury Community. Dawn completed her 200-hour certification and a 500-hour yoga certification program. She holds additional certifications in Meditation, Prenatal Yoga, Children’s Yoga (class room & special needs) and Therapeutic YogaSince 2005 she has taught Personal Yoga Sessions in homes and in studios for a variety of students including: cancer patients, HIV patients, children of varying ages “on the autistic spectrum”, Traumatic Brain Injury survivors, teens, partners, elders, moms-to-be, workplace yoga, retreats and outdoor events.

She is impressively skilled at encouraging self-awareness and encourages you to soar beyond limitations knowing you can be, do and have anything!

Dawn continues her studies and deepens her passion to live life to it’s fullest by traveling to learn more about the offerings of Therapeutic Yoga. Kripalu Yoga, Pranakriya Yoga and Anusara Yoga are the major influences of her teaching style.

With a desire to give back to she is honored that Yoga Born is a resource for the Wounded Warrior Project. Dawn was hand picked in 2014 to teach on-going group sessions to MARC Community Resources.

Dawn is regularly scheduled to teach and speak at events of all sizes, workplaces, private groups to explain the unique offering of the Yoga Born Practice. Please contact Yoga Born to learn more (860) 432-5678.

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Rob Nolan, Yoga Born Co-Founder


In yoga all you need is you.

I am passionate about showing people how to engage in their bodies and relax their minds. To help them to find a fuller expression of themselves.
I love teaching a yoga practice that breaks down the poses into small steps to help people find their true strength while gracefully building into their full expression of the practice.
I have truly been blessed to study and practice with Amy Reed of Seattle Yoga Arts and Sara Rose owner of Yoga Sanctuary in Northampton MA. Through my studies I have grown and healed and look to share my experience with my students.
My focus in my teaching is strength building and using the body’s alignment for physical and emotional growth.
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Michael Derocher, Massage Therapist

michaelMichael is here to create an overall body awareness for the client and to help heal through therapeutic touch.

As a licensed massage therapist since 2007 specializing in deep tissue massage. By combining Eastern and Western philosophy with trigger point therapy and Acupressure he can create a specialized treatment for each individual.



Bonnie Zaman, Harmonious Self Founder

Is a Reiki Master/Teacher.

Now offering Reiki Healing for people and animals, AromaTouch Therapy with doTerra Essential Oils, and group and three private Guided Imagery Meditations:
– Healing the Shadow Self : helps you to understand why the shadow-self within you has been creating unwanted experiences, and guides you through a healing process.
– Spiritual Protection and Healing : will produce a protective field of healing energy around you and break all negative psychic cords.
– Past Life Regression : will guide you into a past life experience for healing and personal growth.
My purpose in creating Harmonious Self is to aid in healing and bringing into balance your physical body and emotional well being through various techniques.  I have always wished that I had the power to help and heal people.  Then, when I learned about Reiki, I found that I, like others, could do just that.  I am passionate about making people healthier, happier, and feeling harmonious within themselves.My life has been one of constant change, starting with the death of my first husband when I was 29 years old and the mother of a two-year-old daughter.  Since then, I have been “falling upward.”  While my life has gone over many bumps along the way, it is one that I would not change.  I have grown emotionally and spiritually over the years, yet I acknowledge that I am still on a journey of growth and self-discovery.  I hope to share with you what I have learned thus far.  I offer the experience of serene relaxation through Reiki, which will help to put you into a state of harmony with your body, mind, and soul.  I also offer other techniques to assist you through your own journey of self-discovery, such as guided meditations and writing your Pictorial History and/or your Spiritual Will in order to help you put your life’s journey into perspective.  I hope that our experience together will be one of harmonious growth for both of us. 
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Veronica Greenfield, Yoga Teacher


Veronica began to practice yoga more seriously in order to cope with anxiety and depression as well as ease her stress from college. She started to notice other incredible benefits such as relief from pain and ease in her body in general. She noticed her body felt more flexible, balanced and strong, as well as giving her a better feeling – more loving outlook upon herself and her body.

She began her yoga teaching training at age 19 in Saratoga Springs, New York, and has been teaching others passionately ever since; aiming to help others feel better in their minds and bodies, and promotes self-love in every class.She loves being able to teach yoga in order to help others the same way it has been able to help her.She offers a relaxing experience that helps students turn inwards. “In our day to day lives we are SO busy, and when not busy many of us are helping others. The practice I offer helps to turn off outside distractions, turn inwards, and aid the body into better feeling alignment. When a student attends one of my classes they are able to do just that and practice self-love and then walk out feeling relaxed and having their body and mind feeling better than when they arrived. I aim to help anyone who already wants to help themselves to feel better.”

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Heather Carl, Yoga Teacher

HeatherHeather started practicing yoga at Yoga Born in 2012. Soon after she moved across the country, attending classes at different yoga studios before returning in 2014. Her initial interest in yoga turned to a passion due to yoga providing the opportunity to give back to yourself by taking an hour out of a busy schedule to relax your mind. As Heather spent more time at Yoga Born she developed a great appreciation for what the studio set out to accomplish in assisting people in feeling more positive about themselves, that everyone should love the bodies they are born with. Her experience as an EMT and the physical therapy yoga provided for past injuries fed a growing desire to teach yoga to others as a means of finding a different way to help people heal. She looks forward to helping others feel calm and confident while having an appreciation for themselves and what they discover during their yoga practice. In the future she would like to learn more about helping those with PTSD. She received her teacher training through the Yoga Born Teacher Mentoring Program in 2016.

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Monica Benco, Yoga Teacher

Monica lives with her husband and two children in the Hartford region of Central Connecticut. Having received her bachelor’s degree in Religious Studies, Monica is able to fuse her knowledge of Eastern thought with her love of yoga. She received her 200 hour teacher training from Lotus Gardens Yoga under the direction of Lara Ward in June of 2014.
Monica’s professional background includes corporate management in the fields of accounting and human resources. She is excited to finally be able to leave the desk behind and focus solely on teaching yoga. Being part of a military family for over a decade, Monica hopes to bring the benefits of yoga to Veterans and their families to help ease the stressful demands that military families face today. Monica considers herself a student of life and plans on keeping up her love of yoga studies by taking as much training as possible, sharing her passion for yoga with as many people as possible. She is a true believer that in yoga, there is something for everyone and she considers it a personal mission to bring awareness to that concept.

Monica has an advanced training certificate in Yin Yoga. She has also completed advanced training in Reflexology for yoga instructors and is most proud of her Mindful Resilience for Trauma Recovery Training (Level 1), designed specifically for Veterans overcoming Post Traumatic Stress, completed under the direction of Dr. Daniel Libby in November 2014.
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Sarah Harmonay, Yoga Teacher

SarahSarah began practicing yoga as a teenager to help manage her stress and anxiety. Through the practice at Yoga Born she has become less anxious, stronger, more physically and mentally flexible, and more balanced. She received her teacher training through the Yoga Born Teacher Mentoring Program in 2016. To Sarah, yoga means using the body and the breath to quiet the mind. Her goal for beginners is to feel comfortable, safe and successful on the mat through accessible movement and breathing. This is yoga you can do! Sarah continues to practice regularly at Yoga Born and looks forward to more opportunities to train and continue to develop her skills as a teacher. Outside of yoga, Sarah is an elementary school music teacher, and lives in Coventry, CT with her fiancé and their dog.

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Doug Yaeger, Musician

Doug BIOMy love of music started at a very young age when listening to jazz records with my father. I fell in love with the drums!  At age 9 I started taking drum lessons and performed in school bands and orchestras through high school.  Next I attended Central CT State University as a Music Education Major.

While in college I also started playing drums in many local bands playing everything from hard rock and heavy metal, to blues and jazz.  I spent many years recording and playing in night clubs all throughout New England and the northeast.  I’ve performed in several showcases in New York playing for record company executives.  I also was in a band that opened for Ace Frehley of the rock band Kiss! Much time was spent teaching drum lessons privately, also.

I’ve played mallet instruments (marimba, vibraphone and xylophone) for a brief period, as well.  This was followed by playing in several acoustic bands, where I’d play congas and mixed percussion.  Drum circles were my next interest which is still a very big part of my musical journey.

This was followed by studying ethnic drumming.  Playing African rhythms on a Djembe, Middle Eastern rhythms on a Doumbek, and Native American Drumming on Frame Drums.

My most recent undertaking has been learning as much as possible about how music is used in a healing situation.  I play Singing bowls, tingshas and several Gongs for yoga, healing and meditation sessions throughout the area.  I took a seminar taught by Paul Hubbert and became a Certified Holographic Sound Healer.

My love of music has only deepened and strengthened through time with no end in sight! Music has provided me with a most wonderful journey!

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Christina Stevens, Yoga Teacher!

christina1aLivFree Power Registered Yoga Teacher E-RYT 200.

I came to yoga out of necessity. As a person living with anxiety and depression, yoga has helped me to get out of my anxious and overly stimulated head and be present in my body.

In doing so, I learned that there is a profound sense of security and peace running underneath all the mental chatter. I am forever grateful for this awareness. In fact, that’s what sold me on yoga and made me want to be a yoga teacher.

This practice has provided me with many tools for dealing with life’s unexpected changes and turns. I have developed a sense of confidence and inner strength as well as a deeper appreciation for my physical body as it carries and supports all of my endeavors. It is an honor to assist anyone who is up for the challenge of learning how to care for themselves on and off their yoga mat.

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Kaitlynn Newton, Yoga Teacher!

kaitlynn (1)cropI turned to yoga after I injured my knee training for a half-marathon and immediately fell in love. Not only did it supplement my exercise, but it also seemed to lessen my anxiety. I was also amazed by the changes I began to notice in my own body with flexibility – like finally being able to touch my toes!
These positive changes inspired me to share this amazing practice with everyone I could so I decided to go through the training to become a registered yoga teacher. I love being able to show people that yoga is for everyone and the countless benefits they can receive from this seemingly magical practice.
In addition to gaining the peace of mind, strength, and flexibility, I like to create a mindful practice that fosters an energy of loving and respecting yourself and where you are in your practice.
Outside of teaching and practicing yoga, I recently graduated from Central Connecticut State University with a bachelor’s degree in criminology and psychology.
Now I am currently building my business as a life coach, where I empower women to connect with and embrace their authentic selves and live the life of their dreams!

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