Hey sugar don’t be blu (part 2)

It is important to listen to your body – hear what it is telling you about the nourishment it needs. Like in Yoga or any type of exercise, we must honor our body and listen to the messages we receive, eating healthy foods works much the same way – pay attention to how you feel while you are eating, and during the hours after you eat – this can tell you a lot about your body and what it needs.

As you make changes to how you eat, you could be faced with a new challenge, what to do about people who don’t understand these changes – I often hear from friends and family, “a little bit won’t hurt” when in some cases, it really could cause harm. The wrong food choices can impact your mood, energy level, and in allergy situations could cause a severe reaction.


Change can be difficult for the individual making the change but also can be a challenge to family and friends around us who are not ready and expect us to be the same as we were last week, last month or last year. Be gentle with those who resist your lifestyle changes, realize they are on their own journey and when they resist or criticize the changes you make, it is often more about their own struggles than about you.


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