National Yoga Month in CT

National Yoga Month in South Windsor CT
September 1 – 30
Is your energy low?
Does stress get you down?
Are you feeling old?
National Yoga Month in CT at Yoga Born can help you feel better, find your get up and go while feeling younger
each time you visit! Yoga Born creates a vacation-vibe with therapeutic yoga.
Each class is designed with you in mind to get the most of your time.
During National Yoga Month campaign opportunity to inspire and generate
awareness of the positive impact of yoga on health. “We are all looking for ways
to take an active role in managing our health. There are readily available
solutions that don’t necessarily require insurance or even a doctor,” said
Johannes Fisslinger, co-founder of National Yoga Month. “Preventative wellness
can be accessed by simply unrolling a yoga mat!”
Yoga Born focus encompasses many essentials to health and happiness at midlife and long after….You will feel relieved of pain in one session. You will maintain this relief after 30 days with full access to the group classes. (personal sessions available by appointment) Purchase 30 day Intro Offer $40 CT TAX will be applied.


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