Reluctant {yogi} … What’s that?

Live with no fear, judgement, blame, bitterness.  Are you a Reluctant {yogi} ?  Do you dare to enjoy a deeper connection?


Are you ready to create a vacation – vibe in the busy-ness of life? Not sure if yoga is for you? Feeling too ________ to practice yoga?

Yoga Born is the place for you. We specialize in the welcoming and soothing the worries of the “reluctant yogi”
yo·gi   [ yṓgee ]
1. yoga practitioner
2. yoga student

At Yoga Born we LOVE to introduce you to new ways to move and be fully present that will delight the most reluctant.We have a range of sizes, ages and flexibilities.

The most important thing? You want to feel better and you’re willing to make time for yourself to be surprised by all that you can do!

In classes we laugh, we lighten the load of the most stressful days and for a short time feel as though we’re swept away from the crazy days and bask in a vacation-vibe all year!

Still unsure? Let’s Get Acquainted just you and I for about 45 minutes and you’ll have a better feel for what is possible.

All June 2013 invites First-Time-Visitors to Donate $10 CASH for your first visit! Visit for the Scheudle & Reservations page to reserve your space in class today.

Also all June 2013 is collecting food bank donations.


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