Wise Investment

Today after class, I was getting ready to leave when a old client walked in to get started doing #yoga again. While we were signing her back up, I asked why she decided to come back to yoga now.

She answered, “You know I am #super successful now and despite having great work success, my #health is really getting #poor. One the things that made me so successful was understanding that I needed to #invest fully into business. Both with time and money. I figure the same goes with my health. I never felt better then when I was coming regularly and know that I will do even better in my life when I am feeling better”

This statement really is the heart of why you should invest into your health. Anything you have done in life, haven’t you had to #spend some #time and #money to get there? If you went to #college, you invested time and good money to get your #degree. Or if you started a business, the time and sacrifice to make successful again a investment.

Why would you not invest into the most important thing that will keep you at the top of #game. Getting your #mind cleared, #body #cleansed and keeping yourself in shape so that you never get sick and become #bulletproof against #stress.

It’s #time to #switch how you think about your #health. Start thinking daily, what can you do to #improve your health. You have the time to get yoga. Make the time.

Do it because when you #pay good money for something you #instantly become #accountable to get #value from your #investment.


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