Burst pipe update

ct-small_outlined_orangeOur yoga studio has a beautiful new floor   

pipe burst 2However there was damage done to walls when the pipe burst.

The repair will require us to be at 1741 Ellington Rd most likely through January 2017.

We have heard time and again that Yoga Born is unique – and this has been our best asset.

Whether you are a relatively new member of our community or a long-time Yoga Born student, it would mean the world to us for you to spend the days ahead with in sessions (Stellar Therapeutic Massage, Reiki, yoga) in our temporary location.

pipe burst

pipe burst – the culprit

Your presence is the whole reason we opened in 2011 and recently decided to stay open through another five year lease.

Your presence is so valued as we stand together during the process of our facility being repaired to the Yoga Born standards you have come to know and trust.

Peace &


Dawn, Rob & The Yoga Born Team

pipe burst 1

new floor – the silver lining!


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