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Twists are postures that generally involve moving the shoulders to face in the opposite direction of the hips. Twists target the upper, middle and lower portions of the torso, they have a unique set of health benefits. Here are my top five reasons why you should practice yoga twists.

06.02.18 (13) WORDS1. Reduced Pain In Back

Slumping over computers, slouching behind the steering wheel, sitting in chairs and standing with our shoulders drooping forward are all things most of us do on a daily basis. These bad posture habits lead to pain. Twists help work the back muscles which provides relief caused by everyday life.

2. Improve Digestive Function

When you twist you compress your digestive organs. This causes a lack of circulation. When you release your twist there is a rush of fresh blood that floods your digestive organs. Twisting increases your organs ability to function.

3. Bye-Bye Stress

Practice twists at least twice a day and feel stress melt off you. Twisting helps to open the shoulders, chest, and back, and helps to decrease feelings of anxiety. As you hold a twist for about five complete and relaxed breaths per side you may notice a positive effect on your mental state.

4. Maintain Healthy Spinal Rotation

The muscles that surround the spine stiffen up overtime. This leads to a decreased range of motion, pain and pain that can affects the quality of life. The action of twisting your torso helps to keep the spinal muscles mobile.

5. Detox

As mentioned above, when you release your twist re-introducing fresh blood to your abdominal organs this helps to cleanse the cells of any built up waste because with increased circulation comes increased cellular detoxification. 

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