How to keep your body moving

ct-small_outlined_orangeYoga Born has a style and approach that is great to keep your body moving and relieve stress.

Listen in on this conversation to hear what may surprise you……This Yoga Born student expresses her interest in starting yoga. She has a desire to be healthy.


kristy-perry-6Many friends have told her that as you hit decade markers it’s vital to keep the body moving. Kristy has been in and out of gyms, nothing kept her coming back.

Yoga Born offers a style that can be a life long practice. It feels amazing to feel this good.

Yoga Born is for you. Especially if you’re inflexible or reluctant. You will meet others just like you in this positive community.

Yoga You Can DO! We have been dedicated to a practice that addresses your stressful lifestyle in a way you will look forward to.

New to Yoga Born? Read a little more about what makes Yoga Born different and why now is the time to give Yoga Born a try. New To Yoga? Check this out… MORE TO LEARN ABOUT


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