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mind body connectFrom Dawn Greenfield, Yoga Born Owner
The Yoga Born mission is to help align you more consistently be the best version of yourself. Believe me when I tell you, I know it takes time, practice and patience.
I have been using the tools of yoga and meditation practiced in gift cert 2014 .01 WEB SLIDERthe studio to support my journey and to be honest it’s been challenging, eye opening and always rewarding!
But the only way any of it works is if I actually get on my mat, let myself be guided and stay aware.
The first time I took a yoga class my intention was to expose my elementary school aged daughter (Veronica) to a new experience. Looking back I feel incredibly blessed to receive the guidance to do so.
WOW look were we are now! I started a yoga DSCN1028business from scratch (that is the Chamber of Commerce’s Small Business of the Year), I met an incredible partner (Rob), Veronica is about to graduate college, she is a yoga teacher working in my business and by my side, we’ve met YOU and I know there is more good stuff on the way!!!!!
I’m reaching out because I fully understand continuing to practice yoga isn’t easy during a busy life full of the unexpected (welcomed & not). 
Yoga can be a constant support for my life, I hope to inspire you to continue on your yoga journey.
Yoga Born has a few adjustments in the May schedule and I want to encourage you to practice, practice, practice!
Sat May 6th 
Veronica is team 9 (3) love the body 1subbing 8:15am (NO 9:30 class)
Mamma has a weekend away!
Sun May 14th 
Rob is subbing 8:15am (NO 9:30 class)
Must have 10 signed up by 5/11
Mon May 29th 
Rob teaches 9:30am (NO evening classes)
Must have 10 signed up by 5/25
Special/Holiday Class Policy: 
Yoga Born must have 10 signed up in advance and the class limit is 20.
As a heads up we are considering making all weekend classes one hour long. We’ll keep you posted.
Have a fabulous weekend, see you on the mat!


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