Relieve pain with practice

We are not meant to live in pain….

We are in a time of an epidemic of poor health. In our busy hard working society we are told and or simply believe the reasons are beyond our control. Often people arrive in Yoga Born in tremendous pain.

To learn more and ease intimidated New Students the first step is to meet for a Let’s Get Acquainted session. This is scheduled at a convenient time we meet for one hour and learn more from each other.

The intake is a good time to learn about you, your lifestyle, your injury, your attitude and your hopes for a pain free life. It is a time for us to assess your alignment-habits-strengths-weaknesses and experiment with therapeutic yoga.

Together we will shine a light on your alignment habits. Understanding the way you use your body dictates wear patterns and contributes to the ailment you’re dealing with now.  The very exciting thing to know is that you can do something to fix it!

“When you are experiencing poor health, of any kind, keep this in mind: Your alignment matters. It matters more than anything else, because everything else you are doing (exercising, eating well, medicating, hydrating” depends on basic principles of physics to work correctly, and these principles are effected by your geometry.” Katy Bowman, M.S.


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