Yoga to feel better

CLICK TO WATCH Yoga Born began to literally help any BODY interested in feeling stronger, more flexible, balanced, and more calm during chaos.

backIf you have a desire to feel better, Yoga Born is for you!

The number one testimonial we receive following classes is, “I could actually do more than I expected and I feel much better!”

Try this online video to get a taste of what we teach, but be aware, every session is different and geared towards the specific attendees.


From season to season in CT even the most committed self care enthusiasts struggle to remain steadfast in practicing body positive behaviors that are weight-neutral.

At Yoga Born we know that the messages aimed at us can have a huge impact on how we care for ourselves.

This time of year, people are especially vulnerable to being lured into unsustainable, quick-fix weight loss schemes, which are often presented under the guise of “lifestyle changes”.

As we choose to protect ourselves from the messages claiming to hold the secret to a lifetime of happiness for us, we need our Yoga Born community more than ever.

We practice side by side, no one is less or more, we are equally valued and important.

Visit often for results beyond your expectations!

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