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Yoga you can do!

Yoga Born is passionate about making yoga accessible and sustainable. No yoga experience? Great! You’ll fit right in. If you are looking to get started in Yoga, try our New Client Unlimited Yoga Classes Offer, check out our seasonal class schedule or request an Introduction to Personal Sessions. The studio focus is to be of service to hardworking people. We teach step-by-step instructions to keep movement in your body and practice relaxing a busy mind. Our most successful students have an open mind to new experiences and are passionate about having a quality to their health. Yoga Born sets aside the traditional components of a yoga practice that can intimidate new students this is truly yoga you can do!

Through your practice you can connect to a spiritual component that is individual to your beliefs while feeling the support of a positive and non-competitive environment. Each session builds on the one before while you practice personal alignment to know you were born to do yoga!

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Class Descriptions 

Cancellation Policy There will be notifications sent to students signed up and notifications posted on our on-line schedule one hour prior to start time.

Class Schedule is subject to change 

Print Friendly Class Schedule Thru June 2017 Class Schedule Jul & Aug 2017

On-Line Class Scheduler


Range of class challenge :

1 Easygoing 2 Beginner 3 Moderate 4 Most   

For Veterans, “Thank you for your service” allows you to attend your first class at no charge.


Being able to get on the floor and up again is a requirement to attend classes. Cannot in your current condition? Yoga Born Founders Dawn Greenfield and Rob Nolan are available to meet your needs in a Personal Yoga Session. Call to request your appointment.

 Restorative Yoga (1)

Gentle class with mostly floor work using props and postures held for longer periods of time to initiate deep relaxation of the body. Slow Restorative Yoga is beneficial to balance an active mind or decompress after a stressful day. This class restores energy and calms the nervous system. Pure bliss!


Beginners Yoga (2)

Yoga you can do! A manageable way to get your body moving while you slow down your mind. Flexibility not required. Teachers give clear step-by-step instruction. A variety of modifications are taught creating a safe and positive experience. Since 2007 Yoga Born has been making yoga accessible and applicable to relieving the stress of life. You will meet people just like you that want to feel good. You will feel more comfortable as you become aware of your body, mind and breath while you explore movement to create balance and build confidence to attend classes regularly. This class is a peaceful period in the midst of your hectic routine is perfect to create ease for the physical, mental and emotional challenges that arise daily.

 Guided Meditation (1)

This class is held once a month. The practice of concentrated focus in order to increase awareness of the present moment. Helps to reduce stress, promote relaxation, enhance personal and spiritual growth. Beyond the class you can contact Bonnie Zaman for an appointment. 

Different topic each month.

Sundays 10:45am (1hr) Skipping Jul, Aug 6


Mixed Levels Yoga (3)

Building on the foundation of proper alignment, poses are linked together with the breath while building strength, stamina and flexibility. A well-rounded  practice slips you easily into a calmer mind. More challenging to condition the body and mind to work together. Start to introduce more challenging poses to help take your personal awareness to a new level.

Strength & Structure Yoga (4)

Specific focus to engage your muscles and alignment of the body to find strength, tone and move mindfully. Expect to build step-by-step in a challenging session and conclude with relaxation. This class will energize and inspire you to want more! (This class is not recommended for brand new students unless they have completed a Personal Session)

yoga 4 your back (3)

Got back pain? This class is dedicated to creating stability and stretch to improve and maintain mobility for a long happy life! No experience necessary. This class has offered relief and hope to those with scoliosis, recovered back surgery and suffer from chronic back pain.






Reiki Orientation Learn More

Come to the Reiki Orientation to learn more about Reiki and to see if this is for you. No Charge. Sign up 48 hours in advance preferred.

Saturdays 12:30pm (1hr)

  • June 10, August 12, October 14 and December 9

The orientation is great for:

  • Reiki students who want to learn about becoming Certified
  • Curious folks who aren’t yet comfortable with a 1:1 treatment but want to check out Reiki
  • Practitioners of other healing disciplines who want to see what Reiki is about

Call Bonnie Zaman, Reiki Master/Teacher at 860-944-1668

Reiki Share

Fridays, One-Time a Month 6:30pm (2hrs)

Donations Accepted

June 2

Contact Bonnie with questions

There is great power in community.  Working together helps build our community; introducing us to other trusted healers and helping us make personal and professional connections.  We learn new techniques and get inspiration from the way others work.  In community, we celebrate our abundance.  A Reiki Share is also a comfortable place for new practitioners to explore Reiki, practice hand positions, and time to work with the flow of Reiki energy.  It will be a safe, fun, and joyful environment where everyone will feel comfortable to learn, question and grow together!

What to bring : Water to drink, dress comfortably


Community Drum Cirlce

Led by Mary Ertel. Donations accepted Sign up to reserve a drum. Come enjoy the many health benefits. Djembe drums and other hand instruments will be provided. Together we do our best to respect keeping the beat.

One Friday a month 

Drum Newbies 6:45-7:00pm

Community Drum Circle 7:00-8:30pm

July 14

August 11

Workshops – Series



yoga nidraDynamic Duo 

Co-Teachers Dawn Greenfield & Rob Nolan. View Flier

Challenging wall class with Yoga Nidra Sun Jul 9th 5:00-6:30pm. Sign up by 7/7/17


chair yogaChair Yoga 5wks

View Flier

Improve posture, balance, strength & flexibility. 

Fridays Jul 21- Aug 18 9:30-10:30am Sign up by 7/16/17


Doug BIOStress & Pain Relief

View Flier

Dawn Greenfield will teach a complete practice of movement, poses, breath techniques, mantra, meditation, & relaxation. Doug Yaeger uses his gong(s), singing bowl & bar chimes to entice the brain into realms of well-being, emotional balance, & cellular healing. Sun Aug 20th 5:00-6:30pm. Sign up by 8/7/17

Young Adult Mindfulness Retreat(s)

View Flier

Veronica Young AdultIncludes zentangle, yoga, mindful eating, meditation & breathing exercises.

Fridays 11a-3p    

#1 Jul 28 Sign up by  7/21

#2 Aug 11 Sign up by 8/4

#3 Aug 25 Sign up by  8/18


Reiki Certifications with Bonnie Zaman

Founder of Harmonious SelfBonnie (1) WEB

Level I Learn More

July 8, 2017 12:30-5:30pm

Reiki Level I Certification Cost
$160 Yoga Born Member
$165 Early Bird
$175 Non-Members

Level II Learn More

July 22, 2017 12:30-5:30pm

Reiki Level II Certification Cost
$210 Yoga Born Member
$215 Early Bird
$225 Non-Member

Level III Learn More

By Appointment

Reiki Level III Certification Cost
$260 Yoga Born Member
$275 Non-Member

Writing Your Spiritual Will Learn More

By appointment

Call Bonnie Zaman, Reiki Master/Teacher at 860-944-1668.

Writing Your Pictorial History Learn More

By appointment

Call Bonnie Zaman, Reiki Master/Teacher at 860-944-1668


Yoga Born Teacher Mentoring Learn More

YBTeacher Mentoring Flier

Mentoring Application Form

Limited spaces are available. Only 2-4 applicants will be accepted.

Dates For potential integration into the YB Team 100% commitment is required.